Degree in Bioresources | 180 ECTS | 6 semesters

Director: Jorge Garrido |
Building: G | Office: G209
Phone: +351 228 340 500 | Extension: 1909

Deputy diretors:  Abel Duarte |
Building: G | Gabinete: G204
Phone: +351 228 340 500  | Extension: 1904
                        Paulo Silva  |
Building: G | Office: G216
Phone: +351 228 340 500 | Extension: 1916


With the BSc in Bioresources, ISEP trains professionals capable of ensuring a rational and sustainable management of biological resources; the development of bioproducts for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries; control the quality of bioproducts; and solve environmental challenges like soil and water remediation.

The programme was designed in a multidisciplinary logic, crossing life sciences, physics, environmental and bioresources contents. The course practical outlook is ensured by a heavy lab component and the development of case studies. Students can also benefit from the opportunity to develop their final project in a corporate or research environment.