Master in Chemical Engineering | 120 ECTS | 4 semesters | 

Director: Gilberto Pinto |
Building: G | Office: G205
Phone: +351 228 340 500 | Extension: 1905

Deputy Directors: Anabela Guedes |
Building: G | Office: G215
Phone: +351 228 340 500 | Extension: 1915
                               Hendrikus Nouws |
Building: G | Office: G205
Phone: +351 228 340 500 | Extension: 1905

STUDY PLAN - Field of expertise: Energy Optimization in Chemical Industry

STUDY PLAN - Field of expertise: Environmental Protection Technologies

The Master in Chemical Engineering trains professionals to stand out in the environmental and energy fields. Graduates develop the ability to plan and conduct experiments, analyse and interpret results, designing systems and processes to achieve realistic goals (considering economic, environmental, social, health, safety and
sustainability dimensions). They are skilled to identify, rationalize and solve complex Chemical Engineering challenges and address them with new technologies and innovative products and processes.
To begin the thesis work, the students must have a minimum of 60 ECTS in the remaining course curriculum. The following competences must be acquired:
- Capacity to plan and manage experiments, and evaluate the results;
- Capacity to identify, formulate and solve complex problems in chemical engineering;
- Manage manufacturing processes;
- Design equipment and processes;
- Develop new products and processes;
- Energy optimizing and management in industrial processes;
- Be able to do energy audit, define and manage energy saving plans.